1. Release date: -Dec-2017 Fuckhead – Dislocation CD Learn more

  2. Release date: -Dec-2017 Ash My Love – Money CD Learn more

  3. Release date: 16-Jun-2017 Die Buben Im Pelz – Katzenfestung CD Learn more

  4. Release date: 15-Jun-2017 tracker – Rule Of Three CD Learn more

  5. Release date: 22-Aug-2009 Reflector – Pass Learn more

  6. Release date: 20-Jun-2008 The Striggles – Expressionism Learn more

  7. Release date: 23-Aug-2007 Worlds Between Us – Downsides Learn more

  8. Release date: 10-Nov-2006 The Plague Mass – Deathless (Sold Out!) Learn more

  9. Release date: 03-Mar-2007 Dimitrij – Words-Objects Learn more

  10. Release date: 10-Jun-2006 Reflector – Phantoms Learn more

  11. The Plague Mass - Visitation

    Release date: 20-Jun-2005 The Plague Mass – Visitation (Sold out) Learn more

  12. United Movement - Introducing The Exploration

    Release date: 2-Oct-2004 United Movement – Introducing The Exploration Learn more