The After is better than the party. Translated to their native Croatian language. Trimmed to a size of a four-letter acronym ABOP​. It’s an awarded and critically acclaimed Croatian electronic music band inspired by acid house, techno, electro and other early electronic dance music genres. There’s a rave on the floor, the audience is in trance – but there is no DJ instead ​ABOP​ consists of five exquisite musicians on the stage. ​Live electronic band.

Living drum machine – ​Ivan Levacic​ and ​Ivan Vodopijec share a single drum kit, sitting opposite of each other and kicking in the same bass drum. Both visual and auditory centerpiece of their music. They are accompanied by heavy bass lines by ​Erol Zejnilovic​, digital synths by ​Ivan Bozanic and Roland TB-303, Future Retro 777 and similar analog synths by ​Bogumil Kulaga​.

Their first album ‘​Delta​’ was mixed and mastered by Croatian techno trailblazer ​Petar Dundov​.
LP, PDV043