Holst Gate
As Colin Holst, Hans Platzgumer sat down at his piano, possessed. Long time collaborator Hannah MacKenna delivered words, Chris Laine channeled some Phil Spector. Half a year later the album had been written and recorded. The result is Convertible’s sixth album, Holst Gate. An unusual collaboration between Vienna, Cambridge and LA, that nevertheless manages to inhabit the endless sub-polar expanse of the Norwegian Northlands.

Holst Gate II
Holst Gate II, The World According to Colin Holst is much more fatalistic and ready to ride the bomb into oblivion. With an even bigger band and bolder sound, Convertible shifts smoothly between reckless abandon and shimmering intimacy, delivering another record worthy of 45 minutes of your time. You will want to flip it over again and again. Just like in the good ol’ daze.

Vinyl Bundle
incl. Holst Gate LP & Holst Gate II (regular version) LP

CD Bundle
incl. Holst Gate CD & Holst Gate II CD