Do I like this record? Man, you should see my head banging behind my computer. Yes, I do like this to some extent. But that extent is perhaps more to the novelty of getting this record which seems out of place in ‘my’ world, than the musical quality, for which I am not qualified to say anything about it. I simply lack sufficient knowledge to say anything about it. (Vital Weekly)
LP, noise33


While many guitar/drum duos suffer from a lack of meat on the bones, this certainly doesn’t apply to Reflector. The long-running twosome’s newest offering is a fat piece of doom-tinged noise rock dripping with ample amounts of sludge and hard-edged melody. (plugin music)
LP, noise16


Sehr stilvoll designte Single mit zwei der allertoppsten Auswüchse österreichischer Noise Rock-Verschweinung, die sich gegenseitig covern. Und das fett. FETT. F.E.T.T. Das Striggles-Outro als Abschluss alleine ist schon ein echter Killah … (Rokkos Adventures)
7″, Noise20

REFLECTOR – 15 (4×7“ BOX)

Reflectors’ 15th anniversary release. Featuring tons of guests like Bernd Heinrauch, Lea Sonnek (Hella Comet), Michi Posch (Posch Band), Raumschiff Engelmayr (bulbul, broken.heart.collector,…), Maja Osojnik (broken.heart.collector, …), Maggo Bug (Bug), Slobodan Kajkut (The Striggles), ddkern, Martin Plass (The Striggles), Dominik Uhl (Noise Appeal Records), Robert Lepenik (The Striggles) and more.
4×7″, noise34