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Dun Field Three – s/t / MP3 Album


VAT exempted according to UStG §6

Vienna‘s DUN FIELD THREE is an irresistibly compelling trio, which despite its small lineup – drums (Goto), baritone- and bass guitar (Nachtlieb), keyboards, guitar and vocals (Daucocco) – manages to create and convey impressive force, thanks to wild but elaborate arrangements.
Baritone- and bass guitar growl to sophisticated, but straightforward drum patterns. Powerful vocals undoubtedly capture any listener‘s attention and evoke the image of a voodoo priest in near-trance. Amongst a variety of different keyboard sounds, a creepy organ shines with haunting melodies. Accentuated highlights occasionally shift the music into the burlesque.

CD, noise75, 2019
LP (incl. DL, white 180g vinyl), noise76, 2019

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