01 Hurdles on My Way
02 Ravesteck
03 hp
04 Anarchy For Sale
05 Sunshine

'HP' recorded live at Chelsea, Vienna, 28.1.88
'Anarchy For Sale' recorded live at S.O.36, Berlin, 11.9.87
The sides are labeled C and D on the insert (sides A and B being on his first solo record, Tod der CD!), rather than H and P, as on the back cover and labels.
“Sunshine” was originally entitled “Sun Shine Bright On A Sailor Whose Captain Was His Father And It Took The Whole Fight” when it was recorded by Platzgumer's band „Capers“ on their 1988 EP „Mahlzeit“.
(Spaice Records, 12“ EP, Aice1, CH, 1989)