It’s 2019 and the planet is a mess. But back with a lightning flash and new tracks are the three enigmatic individuals collectively known as Burning Alms — Thomas Whitfield, Sebastian Lenton, and John Biggs, formerly of Calories and Distophia.
Afternoon Sass was captured during a bleak English winter by recording engineer and long-term collaborator Tom Livemore, the resulting album fuses punk noise and lo-fi pop with ornate jazz flourishes, garnished with the occasional Derek Bailey-esque skronk.

Afternoon Sass is being released in Europe by Croatian label Geenger Records. Reminiscent of the likes of Superchunk, Sebadoh and Jim O’Rourke, the record is made up of nine songs including imminent single releases Every City and Everyone You Know. The album is a follow up to their previous recording, In Sequence.

LP, GNGR073, 2019