The sole intention of this music album was to fathom out the origins of what we consider and have always perceived to be – ‘our music’.
The process of inventing and arranging a musical piece is one of avoiding obvious and profane repetition of common places in music history. Author is seldom content when confronted with exploitation of chewed&spat-out patterns and therefore, in this time, this ancient practice of referencing and reflecting in order to explore and revel in the revelations falls short to avoidance and reduction as the sole goal of not having to cope with one’s insecurity and scrutiny that deludes to lure ‘poor inept fools’ into death of failure on the way to the grail of ‘originality’.
Conversely, what was attempted here is to stop at nothing, being that the obvious reference, an overused hint or common fact, and emphasize it, reflect it against our own and set out to discover cached implications, hopefully attributing new explanations until the lame old voyage becomes peregrination, thus reinventing the process in its own wake and, as previously stated, ‘revel in the revelations’. Without further post-pseudo-sade-ado, examples note down as follows…
All ten songs on this album were written and produced by (The) Lesser Men, recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Mark Mrakovčić.
Lame Oh shot the footage. Vrana did the graphics and refined LesserManBasic’s basic idea. We thank you all. You know you all and especially our dear (always) late Denis.

LP, GNGR077, 2019